Participants (both the 170,000 visitors and the 4,000 exhibitors) – at the interpack packaging exhibition (7-13 May 2020) will be able to contribute to the end of packaging as an environmental problem worldwide by expressing their support for the PUMA Manifesto (PUMA stands for Packaging Upcyclability Materials Accelerator), the organisers of interpack announced in a statement.

The PUMA project is an initiative of the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre (NVC), an association of more than five hundred companies in the packaging business.

Every second, the world packs 300,000 products per second, resulting in 300,000 emptied packs per second. As a result, packaging as an activity, for example, is eight times larger than Google, which processes around 40,000 searches per second worldwide. The increases in prosperity and growing world population are leading to further growth of packaging worldwide. For a sustainable future of packaging on this scale, it is an absolute requirement that an end is made to packaging as an environmental issue.