DHVANI, the Portland-based maker of Activ(ist)Wear, announced that it will sell one face mask for $1 million to help fund „A Mask for Every American,” a campaign initiated by the brand that promises to provide free, eco-friendly, washable cotton face masks to all U.S. residents.

DHVANI’s #MillionDollarMask Challenge is a rallying cry to successful individuals, tech leaders, athletes, celebrities, entrepreneurs, investors and foundations to use their resources in creative ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Initially launched on April 21st, „A Mask for Every American” has received requests for more than 1 million face masks, and DHVANI has already delivered over 40,000 masks to residents nationwide.

This is a personal issue for DHVANI’s co-founder and chief of operations, Kanayochukwu Onwuama. Onwuama learned in detail about the dire conditions in New York City hospitals from his mother, Joy Austin, a registered nurse at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, N.Y.

„We’re applying everything we know about designing high-quality athletic apparel to creating and giving away free, eco-friendly, reusable masks,” said Avi Brown, DHVANI chief executive and co-founder.

„It’s time for billionaires and celebrities like Bill and Melinda GatesWarren BuffettMichael JordanLeBron JamesPhil KnightElon MuskJeff BezosMark Cuban and Mark Zuckerberg to take bold action, give back to the greater good of humanity and make a meaningful difference by helping us put a mask on every face in America.”