A team of companies – 2A-NYGUARD, COATS, HEIQ, VAGOTEX  and SITIP  have developed an innovative virus-protected jacket that protects the wearer and his environment. The multifunctional jacket, called JUST 5, has all components treated with HeiQ Viroblock to protect them from the effects of contaminating microorganisms in just five minutes.

Although this equipment does not protect the wearer or anyone else from foodborne (or pathogenic) bacteria, the jacket provides an effective barrier to shield the wearer from harmful germs in the environment.

5 innovative components

2A-NYGUARD  NYSHIELD zippers – Zips are touched a lot during the day. These self-disinfecting zippers are ready for use again in just five minutes after each touch. 

Coats ProtectV – the sewing thread has antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

HeiQ Viroblock: antimicrobial tissue technology from Switzerland  – HeiQ Viroblock was originally developed to equip face masks that were registered as a medical product. Respirators equipped with the same technology are approved by the US FDA according to EUA. HeiQ is a world leader in innovation in textile technology.

SITIP warp knitted  fabric – elastic fabric for the fold-out cuffs of the JUST5 to protect hands when touching potentially contaminated surfaces. Warp knitting is a fabric technology that prevents a yarn from running out of stitches after a break. 

Windtex Vagotex fabric  – breathable, water-repellent and wind-repellent fabric.

Carlo Centonze , co-founder and CEO of the HeiQ Group said: “It’s a super team from the five most innovative companies in our industry. Now any brand can just take parts from these suppliers and make their own 100% virus-protected garments! „


The jackets are available for pre-order. Finished jackets are expected to be available in late autumn.