“Back to Active”, the new AW 2021-22 collection of Sensitive ® Fabrics by Eurojersey, comes into play by boosting individual potential, facilitating the body and its movements in all contexts and, consequently, making the wearer feel confident at all times.

Sensitive® Fabrics are ideal for training and muscle toning in all sports activities, since they combine an performance with flexibility and protection. Breathable and endowed with 50+ protection from UV rays, they offer good fit with perfect shape retention, even after frequent washing and use. This collection also features Sanitized® treatment which keep garments fresh and odourless, to safeguard personal wellbeing.

With their ultra-flat surface and superior elastic memory, Sensitive® Fabrics are perfect for the most innovative manufacturing technologies, from taping to ultrasound seams, laser cutting and relief effects such as:

– embossing which enables the creation of images and relief patterns directly on the fabric surface thanks to the application of heat and pressure. The fabric takes on a three-dimensional effect, while retaining its high-performing technical features.

– flocking, a special process whereby it is possible to confer an original “velvet effect” finish. The application of a special adhesive to the fabric allows for the flock to be positioned and its billions of fibres to be oriented perpendicular to the surface being coated. The flocking treatment enables particularly refined design details to be highlighted while also regaling a pleasing tactile and visual sensation, vivid colours and a velvety texture.



Delicate colours interpreted in pastel shades discover a new and softer dimension with nuances of nude and soothing greys, for accompanying moments of sheer concentration. A sense of overall tranquillity transpires from minimalist prints with micro-geometric evolutions, combined with revisited camouflage patterns. Patterns are played out between solids and voids with perforated inlays and contrasting colours to set the trend for the most popular online coaching sessions.


Sensitive® Fabrics dress up in bright holographic-effect prints, with the finest fusion of contaminations characterized by an illusion of three-dimensionality. Camouflage and relief effects stand out, under the domain of sizzling, energy-packed colours. Assertive, well-defined colour-blocks, in bright and intense contrasts, appear alongside some of the boldest combinations to execute complex chromatic balancing acts.


Shades of orange, brown, green and blue come together in contemporary prints and cosmic nuances that seem to float in a spatial infinity. Motifs based on woven and tie-dye effects in “psychedelic” evolutions and original nuances of swirling transformation. Hence the birth of that contemporary ethnic style, the mingling of latest trends and primitive elements, the ethnic-chic look which interprets the exotic side of urban life, fruit of an accurate aesthetic research that belongs to high-tech and a precious craftsmanship 2.0.